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Fall vegetables available from Visser Farms.

Our CSA Programs

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. They began as a way for customers to get more involved in their local farms and for the communities to share the risk of farming. Customers purchase shares in a farm in the early spring or winter on the promise that the farm will provide them with produce. Spring is a very expensive time to be a farmer because seed, fertilizers, market stalls and farm equipment needs to be purchased or repaired. A CSA program helps the farmer offset their startup cost, which helps keeps the cost of produce lower. We offer 2 styles of CSA here; a points based system and a market card. 


Market Style CSA:

After lots of consideration, we have decided to close our Market Style / points based CSA program. In the spring, members purchase points, which are used throughout the season at any of our markets or the farm to purchase anything that we have for sale (including eggs, honey and flowers)!! There are many advantages to our market style CSA:

  • Multiple pick up locations (ANY of our markets or our farm) 

  • Pick the quantity of produce desired

  • Pick what produce is desired

  • Don't have to make special arrangements for being out of town

  • Purchase share size that is perfect for family and lifestyle


Market Card: 

Market cards are reloadable gift cards to be used at farmers markets or our farm. They're more convenient than our points based CSA. The biggest advantage of this is the control that's back in the cardholders hands! Checking your balance and reloading the card is all done by you. (Of course, we can help if you prefer!) The other huge advantage is cardholders will be able to order produce from our online store and pay with these gift cards. 

Purchase your share

Market Card:

For questions, please email

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