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Project R.E.D. Recap

It's been a bit since we hosted 200 4th graders on the farm with Farm Bureau, but I wanted to have a place to hold all of the memories!

Ottawa County Farm Bureau at Visser Farms Greenhouses talking about Apple orchards
Adam Dietrichs teaching about apple growing

This was our 2nd Project R.E.D. (Rural Education Day), so it was great to iron out the process.

Ottawa County Farm Bureau teaching kids at Project RED
Ag in the Classroom is helping the kids start soy beans and make necklaces with them.

We worked with a lot of local agriculture businesses to make this all possible! We'd like to say thank you to Burnips Equipment, Morren Bros Agri Service, Trevor VanderZwaag from Andy Nienhuis Dairy, Crossroads Blueberry Market, Oxbo Equipment, Adam Dietrichs, Endeavor Ag & Energy, Critter Barn, Country Dairy, Vriesland Growers Co-op, Hehlden Farm, Mechanical Transplanter, Coopersville FFA and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Group picture of the students with Coopersville FFA
Coopersville FFA helped show the kids around the farm

These businesses volunteered their time, energy and equipment to help wrangle the kids and teach them about agriculture.

Vissers teaching children how to care for potatoes
Case & Megan Visser explaining how to wash and store potatoes

The kids had several stations around our farm that they stopped by to learn about different aspects of farming.

Varieties of apples that can be grown in Michigan
Apples on display

We had stations for animals, feed, washing produce, harvesting blueberries, learning about apple orchards, working with agronomists, and planting herbs.

Representatives from Keystone Properties (Endeavor Ag) talking about Agronomy
Representatives from Keystone Properties (Endeavor Ag) talking about Agronomy

It was a lot to take in, so hopefully they left with at least a little bit of good info. We really like hosting this event because it's so important to teach our kids all of the different aspects of this industry.

Large feed truck at Visser Farms
Morren Bros brought a feed truck and had several samples of feed

There's a lot more to it than petting cute babies and throwing some seeds on the ground.

Local petting zoo brought animals
Critter Barn brought goats, sheep, chickens and bunnies

It's also good to teach the community a bit more about where their food comes from. We're looking forward to hosting again next year!

Planting basil plants in the greenhouse
Shelby Visser teaching kids how to plant and grow basil plants


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