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9 Reasons to join our CSA share

Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose our CSA share for your family this year!

But first, a quick history lesson of why we're here. Community Supported Agriculture is a way for the community to support their local farmer over the winter when money is tighter for us on the farm, on the promise that we will provide vegetables (or flowers or meat or anything else) in the summer when we begin harvesting. CSA's have been around for many many years!

Alright, to the list!

  1. Agriculture tends to be very expensive in the beginning of the year as we have to buy all of our seed, fertilizers, run the equipment and pay employees to plant, tend to the crops, pick and wash everything before we're able to sell and make any money. Often, that requires us to borrow money, and paying that back + interest is expensive. By purchasing a CSA in the spring, you're helping us keep our initial costs down which helps keep our prices low and you'll be able to get more produce!

  2. As a member of our points based CSA, you'll receive coupons! We usually have coupons for our flowers, strawberries, canning and bringing friends to market. There's also a raffle drawing to be a Member of the Month, if that's you, you'll have 40 free points to use during the month!

  3. We can't forget the most obvious benefit, and that is to purchase a share before April 1 and get 10% off. Money is tight for just about everyone right now, and every bit counts! I've gotten a few questions, this lowers the purchase price of the CSA, not the price of our produce at market.

  4. Selling CSA shares in the spring helps us to get a glimpse of what our season will be like in the summer and help us to plant accordingly and plan our fields if we need to make changes. We also provide produce for local restaurants and food programs so it's important to plant carefully!

  5. Heading out of town? There's no need to worry about your CSA share if you're going to be gone, your CSA will be waiting for you when you return! If you're going to be traveling, you can stop at different markets if needed and of course, shop more than once a week. We're here for you when you need your veggie fix!

  6. With our CSA, you can spend your points on everything we sell! That includes flowers, honey, thanksgiving boxes, or anything else we come up with! Talk about flexibility! It's even alright to spend all of your points at once if you want to.

  7. Our CSA program is different from the traditional CSA box you may be used to. We have a market style CSA which means customers purchase points at the beginning of the season and then can use those points all season long on anything we sell! You can spend all of your points on flowers or wait until tomatoes and canning season are in full swing. There's no pressure to use up the contents of a box you paid for and not have enough of the produce you really want as the choosing is all up to you!

  8. For me, prepaying for something almost makes it feel like the product is "free" when I go to actually use it. This can be helpful in CSA's because instead of all of the dread that comes with having to go grocery shopping and paying for everything, now you can have a fun experience at the farmers market (or the farm!) and pick out produce you've already paid for. It's a good way to make sure you keep spending your points all season long and are having fun doing it.

  9. Times are crazy, and a lot feels uncertain right now. Being a part of our CSA insures that you'll have access to fresh, locally and sustainably grown produce all summer (and winter!) long.

Have I convinced you? Purchase your CSA below!

I hope this list has been helpful to you! If you still have questions, send us an email at:


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