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Hi, I'm Shelby

Hey! Welcome to the blog at Visser Farms! I thought I’d use this first blog post to introduce myself and my role here on the farm. So, Hi! I’m Shelby Visser, you’ve probably seen me on our social media accounts or heard my voice on the radio a few times.

I met my husband, Jake, at my friend’s wedding in 2014 and he wasted no time in asking me out. The rest is basically history. The picture is from a few weeks after we started dating at my first Strawberry Extravaganza. I finally convinced him to let me come to market later that summer and have been working at the Grand Haven Market ever since.

Once we were married in 2016, I took over the social media accounts and CSA program and worked at the farm in my spare time. Back then, I worked in Human Resources at an automotive factory in Holland. I started picking up more and more bits of work and in 2018 an opportunity came up for me to work here full time. It was a big leap of faith giving up my insurance, steady work, paid vacation time, retirement accounts etc etc! Around that time, we found out we were pregnant with our first baby! What a time to change our life, right?

Since then, I’ve worked at the farm as much as I can while also raising our 2 kids. I’ve picked up more of the work in the office, wash coop, and in the greenhouse. Which leads us to the blog!

I hope this is a good place to learn more about our farm. I’m hoping to write about our farming practices and have longer updates than our social media posts.

Until next time!


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