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Sus Manos Gleaners

Sus Manos Gleaners is a local non profit that sends food to countries in need. They've provided food to Haiti, Syria, Philippines, Turkey and Ukraine.

Sus Manos takes produce like potatoes, carrots, apples and beets, cubes them up, and dehydrates them. This makes everything easy to ship and rehydrate to be used in meals for those in need. We've been working with them for a few years now providing potatoes and carrots. Earlier this month, we hosted a team of volunteers to help wash everything so it was easier for Sus Manos to continue on with their process. Here's a few pictures of the experience!

They even brought us apples to taste. They're really fun to eat, I like to hold them in my mouth for a few seconds to bring back the sweetness and then chew them.

If you'd like to learn more about Sus Manos, here's their website!


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